The Ramsi Autumn Festival 2020

At our Ramsi Autumn Festival, all our guest families are on their feet. They play noughts and crosses with painted chestnuts, do weightlifting with pumpkins and much more…

Autumn Sweepstakes and Playgrounds

Take part in the autumn sweepstakes and discover playgrounds as far as the eye can see. Our Ramsi Imp indeed mixes with all the young people, swooshes down the gorilla slide and runs across the meadows. But this was clear to us from the start. Ramsi just loves to play and laugh with the children.

Kinderhotel Ramsi - The Ramsi Team, Kitchen

Once your favourite pizza is in the oven, gather everyone in the kitchen. Together, watch how the fine dough crust becomes crispy and the cheese on the pizza begins to blubber.

Ramsi's family climbing is action!
Holiday fun for young people at Ramsis Outdoor Wish Programme
Animal licence and trekking at Ramsi's animal world are waiting for you!
When the soul needs a holiday, go to the garden! - Grandma Ramsis herb world
On the trail of nature: we discover the forest habitat during Ramsis expedition