Playing outdoors, learning to swim, going on nature expeditions, diving down and surfacing again, & much more.

Get out into the wild! With us at the Kinderhotel Ramsi and on our 100,000 m2 solar plateau you can play outdoors all year round to your heart’s content. Look forward to a super summer full of swimming fun and water fun. In addition to our popular themed playgrounds, where you can of course also play in your swimsuit or bikini, we have also prepared many water games for you.

We have set up a total of eight themed playgrounds (with fairytale forest, sand playground, knight’s castle, etc.) for you. Almost all of them are open not only in summer, but also in winter.

 But there are also our farm animals, our trout pond, the tree trail, the two-lane gorilla slide and much, much more. And our children’s entertainers have prepared a great weekly program with fun family games and outdoor competitions in the Kids Club.

Animal experiences with our farm animals; pony and donkey rides, animal trekking, close encounters and get an Animal Driving License

In our Kinderhotel Ramsi we also have a small farm with lots of animals for cuddling, petting, feeding, caring for, and loving. It’s the home of our donkeys Fanny, Chiara and Lola, pony Selina and Icelandic horse Berra, with whom we go out several times a week for great animal trekking tours. Rooster Tristan and hen Isolde scurry around in the sand and are happy if you feed and watch them. The bunny Klopfer hops through the hay with his floppy-eared comrades and looks forward to cuddling with you.

House and farm cat Muzi can’t be put off by anything and purrs a cat story to you. The zebus Mizzi and Miro like to be groomed and stroked. And goat Flocke would like to eat all day long. Do the Animal Driving Licence (from 3 years of age) with us and learn how to handlethe animals, what and how much they should eat, whatis good for them, what they love and what they do not like. 

Overheard in Ramsi’s Nature Adventure World:
Mmh, that’s good! A little further left please, Ramsi. Yes, right there! Pony Selina enjoyed being groomed. And she was looking forward to the next ride.