Our FAQs: What? When? Where? How? Here are the answers.

FAQ – We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and our answers to your family vacation with us in the beautiful Carinthian Gailtal.

We make sure that our employees are healthy and carefully follow all guidelines.

In addition, all of them have been trained in our new hygiene guidelines and adhere to them meticulously (regular hand washing and disinfection, monitoring of their own state of health). In addition, fever is taken daily at the start of work.

Travel cancellation insurance is always a good idea

We generally recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance (this will also cover COVID illnesses, quarantine, etc.), so that you can look forward to your stay with us with complete peace of mind. If there is an official travel warning for our region for the vacation period you have booked, you can cancel your family vacation at any time (even one day before your arrival) free of charge.

For detailed cancellation conditions and terms and conditions, please click here >> Link to terms and conditions

Last updated 15.10.2022

FAQ Fragen und Antworten Kinderhotel Ramsi - Winter

Our guide for your safe Ramsi vacation

Even though the clocks are ticking a little differently at the moment, we know for sure: your family vacation with us will be wonderful.
Of course, we have to take a few things into consideration due to the current Corona situation. But with a little bit of good will, personal responsibility and help from all of us, we are sure to succeed easily.

FAQ Fragen und Antworten Kinderhotel Ramsi WINTER

You can also find more general information and Austrian safety standards for the hotel and catering industry on the official websites of the Federal Ministry and Kärnten Werbung: www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at and www.kaernten.at/aktuelle-informationen/

Do we have to wear an FFP2 mask at Kinderhotel Ramsi?
No, you can move around freely both indoors and outdoors without an FFP2 mask or mouth/nose protection.

What is the general rule about mandatory mask use (FFP2) and keeping your distance in Austria?
FFP2 mask obligation still applies in highly vulnerable areas for example in hospitals. All the latest information on the measures in Austria can be found at >> www.kaernten.at/aktuelle-informationen

Why should I send the information for the check-in in advance?

In order to shorten the waiting times in the reception area, we kindly ask you to inform us of the most important information for your check-in before arrival. You will receive a personalised e-mail from us with a link to the online pre-check-in.


Can I pay contactless?

Of course, you can also pay contactless with us. We will bring the invoice to your table on the evening of your departure, but you can also transfer the invoice amount in advance.


Reception by phone?

You are welcome to call us at the reception from 07:30 a.m. to 08:30 p.m. to obtain information and excursion tips, register for activities from the weekly program or in the children’s club, book wellness treatments, massages, a private spa and much more. Our phone number is +43 4285 284.

What about the new hygiene standards in the hotel?

As a “children’s hotel”, we have been committed to a very high standard of hygiene ever since, and we have extended the measures for the current reasons. Our cleaning and disinfection plan has been updated following the current hygiene guidelines:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are distributed throughout the hotel at reasonable spots (restaurant, reception, spa, etc.).
  • Hand sanitizers for personal use are handed out at the reception if required.
  • All areas of the building are cleaned more frequently (all detergents contain disinfectants).
  • Certain spaces and sub-areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected before or after each use (children’s club, spa, wellness area, etc.)
  • All rooms and doorknobs are more often cleaned and disinfected than before.

What does the new daily room cleaning look like?

The daily room cleaning has been adapted to the new standards and developed together with our hygiene partner. Our housekeeping staff works with face masks, gloves and disinfectant-containing detergents. The laundry is washed according to strict hygiene regulations by a professional company.

What’s new in the restaurants?

We are very pleased that we can continue to offer you the usual combination of the variety from the buffet and creative meals from the kitchen. In our restaurants, as usual, we have reserved your family table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What’s new: Our service staff will be helping you out at the buffet and there will be more specialties that we will serve you directly at the table.


Will the popular Ramsi buffets be back?

Yes, of course there will be our popular Ramsi buffets for breakfast and lunch and for children’s meals. As usual, you can choose from many fine delicacies. Our service staff will take care of the buffets and help you with filling your plates.


What about the lemonade fountain and the self-service coffee machine?

Throughout the day you can get your favourite juices and (mineral) waters at our lemonade fountain. The coffee machine is also available from early to late – for aromatic teas, fragrant coffee specialities and creamy cocoa. We clean and disinfect it regularly. However, we ask you to accompany and supervise your children at these two “refreshment stations”.


Will there be barbecue nights again?
Oh yes! And we are looking forward very much to having them. Throughout the summer (during the holidays) we will have a barbecue night every week. This year you can sit at your reserved table and get all the fine delicacies from the barbeque buffet.


Are food intolerances and allergies taken into account?

Naturally! We are very happy to do that. Please let us know before your arrival, so that we can prepare all you need.


Will the Wichtelbar and the outdoor terrace be open?

Yes! Our Wichtelbar and the outdoor terrace will be open as usual. Here you can have a fine night’s drink and enjoy balmy summer evenings with a view of the clear starry sky over the Carnic Alps. You can also take your drinks to your room.

What will the new way of childcare look like?

We are sure it will be excellent! The groups will be smaller and the care more personalised, and we will spend a lot of time in the fresh air and in the wild. Our childminders will also wear face masks or plastic visors and make hand washing a regular ritual with the children. But the little ones will already know this from home. We have made it our mission to give your children a wonderful holiday with lots of fun, fun and joy, even in times like these.

What do I have to consider before I take my child to childcare?

Your children are in good hands with us. And our childminders are eagerly looking forward to playing with your child, tinkering, romping and exploring the nature around our Kinderhotel. But there are some compulsory new rules of the game, so that everybody can spend a safe and great holiday with us:

  • Please register your children in advance for childcare at the reception or in the children’s club. This year, childcare is only available with advance booking, so that we can prepare a manageable group size, enough carers and sufficiently large premises. Our caregivers will also ensure the right distance between the children and an intensified disinfection routine of the rooms and play facilities.
  • Please bring your children to the children’s club healthy. We must not accept sicky or sick children.
  • We ask you, as parents, not to enter the rooms of the children’s club. Our childminders will welcome your children in front of the children’s club.
  • Please let us know if we can take your children in our arms to give them comfort when they are sad or crying. Please tell us on arrival and write it down in the children’s passport.
  • Please bring the completed children’s passport and clothing for outdoors as well as a change of clothing every day.

Have the childcare opening times remained the same?

Our childcare workers are available for you at the following times:
Care hours in the miniclub (6 to 35 months) and for children over 3 years:

Summer: Sunday 10am-4pm, Monday through Friday 10am-8pm.

Winter: Sunday 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday 9am-8pm.

Will everybody have lunch together in the children’s club?

Of course! For all to gain strength, we are happy to offer your children a joint lunch with the carers in the children’s club.

What do I have to keep in mind for babysitting?

Your little ones are in good hands with our baby carers. They will take care of your babies lovingly and make sure they have everything they need. But we ask you to bring a named bag with diapers, wet wipes, spare clothing, outdoor clothing and pacifiers for your youngsters. Unfortunately, your own toys are not allowed in the children’s club. However, a maximum of one cuddly toy for comfort is allowed (if absolutely necessary). Of course, we have also intensified our hygiene measures in the children’s club.

What about the activities and sports facilities for teens?

It looks good! All activities that can take place on our extensive hotel grounds will take place. The youth can still look forward to geocaching, football, field hockey, cocktail mixing, beauty time, stick bread grilling and much more. In the case of out-of-home activities, we must, of course, be guided by the regional suppliers. You can get the latest information at the reception, in the children’s club or directly from the local providers.


Will swimming lessons be offered again?

Yes! Our swimming courses will also take place. Of course, only healthy children are allowed to participate (but that has always been the case anyway). Please visit the toilet with your child before the lesson and put on your child’s swimwear in the room – and the swimming pleasure can start. We ask that only one parent takes the children to the lesson or picks them up again – parents are not allowed in the swimming pool area during the course. The meeting point is in front of the swimming pool entrance.

Will the swimming pools be open?

Of course! What would a summer be without water fun and splashing? All three swimming pools (outdoor pool, children’s indoor pool and panoramic indoor pool) are generously built and offer you plenty of space – you will find it easy to keep your distance. They are open all day from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Is it possible to go to the sauna?

Our sauna area is open from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


What are the rules for the relaxation rooms?

First comes rule number 1: Just relax and enjoy your holiday! We have an unbelievable amount of space and plenty of comfort beds prepared for you not only in the relaxation rooms, but also throughout the entire hotel area. Mum and dad can of course move their loungers closer together.


What about massages and cosmetic treatments?

It looks good! You can enjoy our entire offer in the spa area as usual. Simply lie down, close your eyes and allow the pleasant treatment to work.


Is it possible to use the fitness room?

Of course! Our sports equipment is already waiting for you. Simply go running or cycling, lift weights and make all your muscles yodel. We clean and disinfect the room and sports equipment regularly. However, we ask you to disinfect the devices independently as well, before and after use (dispensers are available). Thank you very much!

Overheard in Ramsi’s Nature Adventure World:
Who said I was ugly! Am I not beautiful now? The freshly hatched dragonfly spread its wings and appreciated the approving buzz of the bumblebees.