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the diversity of our Nature Adventure World in the beautiful Carinthian Gailtal Valley

Our Kinderhotel Ramsi is located in the middle of a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by picturesque forests, meadows and fields, rivers, gorges, mountains and lakes. It is a wonderful place for a family holiday. At home in the world of nature experience. We have prepared many great offers and activities for you, which are only available with us at the Kinderhotel Ramsi.

Unforgettable Ramsi holiday experiences:

Our most popular leisure activities for the whole family

With us, you can do the Animal Driving License, mine gold, roast stick bread by the campfire, craft boats out of tree bark, become a show star and much, much more. We will take you on guided hiking or snowshoeing tours and show you the dreamlike landscapes of Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy, because the borders with our neighbours are only a stone’s throw away.

During nature expeditions you will get to know our sunny plateau and its inhabitants. On our slope you learn to ski. Our summer studio in the Old Sawmill is a completely new attraction where you can work creatively. And, and, and … there is something for everyone.