Top childcare with heart 6 days a week

Play, fun, sports, fairytales, magic, music, Little Imp stories, show programs, nature expeditions, pony and donkey rides, animal trekking, bunny cuddling and unforgettable nature experiences: in our Kids Club we make children’s eyes sparkle. Seven highly trained childminders take care of the little ones six days a week (60 hours).

Childcare is already included in your holiday price.

Overheard in Ramsi’s Nature Adventure World:
I bet the boy with the green T-shirt will win. The grasshopper pointed at six-year-old Julian, who entered the sack jumping race against his dad.

Loving baby and toddler care from 6th months of age

Babies and toddlers from 6th months will also feel completely contented with us. With special dedication and sensitivity, our baby and toddler carers take care of the youngest Ramsi guests. Everything the children’s heart desires and whatever the little ones may need – from baby porridge (HiPP porridge or freshly prepared vegetable puree on request) to change mat, a darkened sleeping area to wooden toys.

They can play and make music together. Excursions into nature or to the petting zoo are also on the program for the little ones. So that parents can enjoy their evening five-course menu in a relaxed manner, we also offer toddler care during dinner time.

  • Dancing and singing with our funny pixie Ramsi
  • Riding out on our dear donkey Chiara, the pretty pony Selina and Icelandic horse Berra
  • Acting and being the star in our Ramsi show
  • Learn to swim with Fred’s Swim Academy
  • Dig, build and splash around in the sand-slush-slush world of play
  • Light a campfire, grill sausages and bread on sticks and eat them afterwards
  • Dance at the costume party dressed up as a fairy, pirate, princess, knight and much more.
  • Speed up and let the tires squeal on the go-kart tracks
  • Dive and rummage around in the red-blue-green ball pool
  • Bolt and kick on the soccer field
  • Picnic and have a snack in the countryside
  • Pick berries and eat them right away in the snack garden
  • Learn magic tricks in the Hokus-Pokus magic school
Sabine Tscheließnig ist Gastgeberin des Monats
  • Pet bunnies, groom ponies, feed chickens and much more on our farm.
  • Meet the Ramsi farm animals and get your animal license
  • Drive a tractor on the Bob the Builder course
  • Build a dam at our brook right next to the Kinderhotel
  • Cheer on Punch and enjoy the theatrical performance
  • Explore the Ramsi fairy tale forest
  • Sneaking through the Kinderhotel Ramsi with the Indian Red Sock
  • Conquer the river as pirates
  • Dance, cheer and sing along in the disco
  • Cook together and then enjoy a leisurely meal
  • Go on an explorer tour
  • Make music together
    And much more

Our Ramsi Kids Club Philosophy

Happiness has many faces: sometimes happiness is a child’s laugh, sometimes a quiet and intimate moment, sometimes it’s hugging a calf or dancing with our Little Imp, and sometimes it’s so overwhelming that you can’t even describe it. We want to make the little ones happy, inspire them and give them an unforgettable Ramsi holiday. We always have an open ear and accept each child in all its individuality and unique personality. So that you can feel completely comfortable with our Kids Club and spend an eventful, beautiful time with us no matter how old your child is.

  • Feast together at supervised lunches and dinners
  • Being made up like a colorful butterfly, a flower or a unicorn
  • Listen to the exciting stories of grandma Lustig
  • Participate in the interactive story
  • Make your own cuddly toys
  • Making creative blowing pictures

Excerpt from our Ramsi all-inclusive servicesTop childcare with heart

  • Superior childcareavailable six days a week from seven highly trained children’s entertainers
  • Loving baby and toddler care(from 6 months of age) as well as engaging and entertaining childcarefor the older children with a colourful program features that leave no wishes unfulfilled
  • Action-packed outdoor activities and exciting games for teens (from 9 years of age)
  • Hours of care in summer: Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm, and in winter: Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm