It’s a little paradise. Surrounded by mountains, with lakes and crisp air. A wonderful place for your family holiday, with us at the Kinderhotel Ramsi, at home in the Nature Experience World.

Look forward to the most ‘Imp-ortant’ holiday of all times! With us at the Kinderhotel Ramsi.

What a great all-inclusive family holiday! Here with us in the beautiful Carinthian Gailtal you will find everything your heart desires. Great nature experiences surrounded by mountains and lakes, pools and wellness for small and large connoisseurs, top childcare 6 days a week, animal farm idyll, excellent Alpine-Adriatic cuisine and many fun moments are waiting for you here at the Kinderhotel Ramsi, at home in the Nature Experience World.

On our 100,000 m2 sunny plateau, surrounded by beautiful nature, we make your holiday dreams come true. Our Ramsi Imp is also part of the game and makes sure that it will be the most ‘Imp-ortant’ holiday of all times for you.

Our packages

Here you will find great package deals with small extras at a discounted special price.

All-inclusive services

What is hidden here, will bring you infinite pleasure and joy, from morning to night.

Summer experiences

In summer we offer fun swimming courses, pure water fun and great nature experiences.

Aufgeschnappt in Ramsis Naturerlebniswelt:
Oh, yes … a little further to the left please. No, further right, right, right. Further up. No, down. There, yes, that’s the spot. Ah… that feels so good! Iceland pony Berra got quite ecstatic when little Chiara was grooming her.