The Ramsi Autumn Festival 2020

At our Ramsi Autumn Festival, all our guest families are on their feet. They play noughts and crosses with painted chestnuts, do weightlifting with pumpkins and much more…

Game specialities and pumpkin delights Kinderhotel Ramsi

What smells so good in our Ramsi kitchen? This must be the autumnal deer goulash, which bubbles happily on the stove. That indeed makes one’s mouth water!

Autumn Sweepstakes and Playgrounds

Take part in the autumn sweepstakes and discover playgrounds as far as the eye can see. Our Ramsi Imp indeed mixes with all the young people, swooshes down the gorilla slide and runs across the meadows. But this was clear to us from the start. Ramsi just loves to play and laugh with the children.

Titelbild Tiererlebnisse Bauernhof

Oh, how beautiful is it to visit our animals with the children at the Ramsi farm! Their eyes are shining. The little ones are radiating. And the animals are happy about the welcome attention.

Favourite places to be happy

Oh yes! Our Ramsi Imp has an unbelievable number of favourite places here at our Kinderhotel. And because we have just such great, early summer weather, we will now take you to these wonderful places – which you can visit between lounging lazily on your family’s sunbeds and star gazing at night.

Region Nassfeld und Weissensee