Kinderhotel-Ramsi_Nordic-Walking mit Karin _en
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Nordic-Walking mit Karin _en

Nordic-Walking mit Karin | Schnappt euch eure Sportschuhe und kommt mit uns raus in die freie Natur. In der Morgensonne machen wir uns auf den Weg durch Wälder und Wiesen und genießen traumhafte Ausblicke auf die umliegende Bergwelt am schönen Nassfeld. _en
Your summer freshness 2020 with a few new "rules of the game"
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Your summer freshness 2020 with a few new “rules of the game”

Summer, sun, mountains and lakes: Now it won't take long anymore until we can reopen our beautiful Kinderhotel for you. It will happen on the 10th of June, on the long weekend around Corpus Christi. The preparations are already in full swing...
Kinderhotel Ramsi - The Ramsi Team, Kitchen
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Ramsi’s favourite recipes for home

Once your favourite pizza is in the oven, gather everyone in the kitchen. Together, watch how the fine dough crust becomes crispy and the cheese on the pizza begins to blubber.


“Special edition! Special edition!” Hare Klopfer cried out loudly for attention, only to eat one special salad leaf after another. Such a rogue…